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Junsu taeyeon dating

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it's common to have skinship with the opposite gender since they often meet each other outside the work activities.

good marketing strategy LSM & Samsungi don't think this is a gimmick coz Xiah has been paired to some female artists like jin bora, boa and jang riin and there was no news of possible hook up between him and the girls even if its just a promotion for his timeless era and anyband.....

Junsu really focuses on music when he do activities and this is the first time that Junsu is really sweet to a girl....i think Junsu is really in love and has matured and i guess his fans respect him and taeyeon becoz korean fans are still supportive of [email protected] - Koreans are not Anti-American.

They have every right to protest against American beef, especially if they are contaminated with Mad Cow Disease.

But fans noticed something between Xiah Junsu and Kim Taeyeon as they perform the song “Balloons”.

It was the last performance of the night and Junsu is doing all his best to stay beside Taeyeon while singing the song.

Tae Su both have the same title for their solo song "If"♡7.Another photo posted by another netizen of them walking closely together while overseas has also lend credibility to the scandal of being a reality.Xiah Junsu and his DBSK group was involved with Anycall Haptic CF filming together with Tae Yeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae recently. PJA asked Taeyeon is anyone confessed to her after debut and Taeyeon replied that some showed interest.When PJA asked if it was actors or singers Taeyeon replied "Singers meet singers more often than actors." PJA then asked "Group?DBSK member Xiah Junsu (23) are rumoured to be an item with Tae Yeon of So Nyeo Shi Dae after footage of them holding hands together were revealed at the recently concluded 2008 Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles Screencaps from footage showing them holding hands together were posted on the internet yesterday which spread like wildfire and led to netizens speculating the possibility of them dating.