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By leading sire Tapit, she is also a half sister to grade 1 winner "We've had some nice offers to scratch and sell her to breed.

If I could figure out how to get away with it, I'd have done it," Mandella joked.

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Green Chimneys The New York City branch of Green Chimneys Children’s Services operates a wide range of residential, social service and educational programs that specifically focus on responding to the unique needs of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning youth and their families.

There are two ways that a plant turns out hermaphrodite. At least one of it's parents were hermaphrodite, and certainly any seeds produced by self-pollination will ALL be hermaphrodite.

And then there's the most common cause, and that is, people who are growing, and don't know any better, provide the plant with a wildly varying day length. It ensures that all seeds produced by self-pollination on that plant, will ALL be female for the next generation. That may be more info than you needed but to answer your question, the sex of a plant has very little to do with it's potency.

He has worked closely with intersex advocacy groups that campaign for recognition and better medical treatment — a movement that has recently gained momentum.

And in 2011, he established a major longitudinal study to track the psychological and medical well-being of hundreds of children with DSDs.