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A Triceratops brow horn discovered in Dawson County, Montana, has been controversially dated to around 33,500 years, challenging the view that dinosaurs died out around 65 million years ago.

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But Sara Beth Kurtz, a shy, determined dancer, and Vince "Pat" Collier Aldrich Jr., a medical records specialist who listened to his gut and to the occasional opera, did meet in 1965 in a sleepy German village — courtesy of the United States military.The couple behind that landmark case, Richard and Mildred Loving, are the focus of a new film that's generating Oscar buzz.They might never have met, though they nearly crossed paths several times during their young adult years.

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I feel more connected to myself and to the world when I'm walking through a park or standing on top of a mountain in a foreign place - all by myself.

She grew up in the northwest corner of Missouri, a blip on the map, where you could afford to be color blind because the only "person of color" was an elderly black woman who would slip into church and make a hasty exit before the benediction.

He grew up near prestigious Yale University, the son of domestics who saw his parents three times (in a good week), and was one of three black kids in his high school graduating class, always on the social periphery.

If you find yourself traveling to Bethany on a family reunion trip or with your boyfriend’s parents, here’s what to do. It’s okay though, because you’ll be on vacation so you can go out way earlier than you would when you don’t get off work until 5.

Unlike NYC or other cities known for their nightlife, Delaware’s laws actually state that all bars must close at 1 a.m. Most of the bars in the area start getting popping around 11, which might shock you, but it’s true.